Advertising in Malaysia – What’s in store

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Advertising campaigns are vital to companies because apart from requiring a lot of planning and creativity, it must also succeed and be effective. This is because otherwise, the brand name would suffer and the company’s sales might deteriorate.

It must be noted that advertising campaigns require the company to ensure that the right media is used and adopted at the right time in order to reach the appropriate target market.

With so many media available and new ones being created each year, it is very important that the agencies are able to advice their clients accordingly so that they are aware of what to use and more importantly, when.

In most cases, events are very vital to advertising. This comes around every other year especially among the likes of the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup and other major events. The World Formula 1 Championships is regarded as one of the most significant advertising events of the calendar year as it comes around every fortnight or so. That is why advertisers are paying millions of dollars to have their brands and logos embedded onto the Formula 1 cars and the drivers’ clothes.

The world of advertising in Malaysia is buzzing with anticipation and excitement. This is mainly because while the world is Pandemic. This will see most media buzzing with social and online advertisements and commercials that promote health and hygiene products which have already been happening since 2020.

The pandemic brings a lot of opportunities for digital advertising especially online meetup and webinar.

2021 will see a rise in innovative advertising methods which are more contemporary and modern. While conventional media like radio will continue to remain popular, internet and digital advertising will continue to grow not only in terms of popularity but in terms of size as well.

Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing media to hit the advertising industry in recent years and with initiatives like the Youth Communication Package where youths are given RM200 rebates for smartphone purchases, more Malaysians will own these devices which means better advertising opportunities are abound.

On top of that, new and more modern technologies like LED digital advertising boards and video screens will experience better uptake among advertisers with cost remaining affordable and better control of content facilities becoming more easily available.