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Al Salam Al’Aikum,

  Coinciding with the 25th anniversary year of establishing our Embassy, here in Malaysia, we found the importance of strengthening another dimension of interaction with the public in order to further enhance the means of communication with the browsers.   

  As part of our commitment to keeping our work easily accessible, we have created a more navigable website with additional resources, better tools, and a new visual design to support and provide information in the areas of Consular Services, Investment Opportunities, Education in Malaysia, an open forum for dialogue and much more. 

  With our completely redesigned site, you are now able to search our existing materials about Sudan more easily – its History, Sites of Attraction, The Economy and Resources, the latest news and the activities of the Embassy in Malaysia.  We will also be digitizing some of the consular services and we request all the Sudanese citizens to register in the website for all their future applications.

Country National Dialogue

  To provide a brief report on the current status of Sudan in the different fields, politically it has been stable in the past years and the Government is leading a National Dialogue with the Sudanese Political Parties and other rebel forces, to reach an agreement that will lead to further stability and development in the country.

  Economically, Sudan is recognized among the fastest growing economies worldwide. Over the last decade, GDP achieved a growth rate of more than 6%. Sudan is endowed with huge resources of minerals, oil, livestock and more than 140 million square acres of untapped fertile land, satisfactory rain-fed irrigation and waters over and under the ground.

  Currently, only 20% of arable land is utilized of which less than 10% is under perennial irrigation. Production of food grains such as rice, maize, wheat, sorghum, millets, sesame seed, sunflower and other tropical crops, as well as sugar cane and cotton have proved to be lucrative investments. 

Inviting Malaysian Investors

Sudan extend an invitation to Malaysian investors and business community to visit the Sudan and to acquaint themselves with its hospitable and passionate people who traditionally espouse a great love and admiration for Malaysia and its people. The longstanding relations between the two sisterly nations have developed in the past years in the areas of trade, expertise exchange, capacity building, education and many other fields. Effecting the long-standing commitment to learning and continuous improvement, Sudan welcome your feedback as Sudan continues to improve this site.

Visa Requirement

– Passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into the Sudan

– Passports should not have Israeli visas or immigration stamps affixed to them.
– One filled out application form.
– Two passport sized recent photographs.
– Visa application forms must be signed by the applicant
– Fees RM 212.00
– Valid residency
– Visa is required for non-Malaysians.
– Applicants from Australia and Singapore should apply via Sudan Embassy in Jakarta- Indonesia.

Sudan Embassy Address

Address and contact information of Sudan Embassy in Jakarta:Embassy of the Republic of SudanJl. Prof. DR. Satrio Block C-4, Kav. No. 22Kuningan Timur, Jakarta Selatan 12950Phone : +62 21 5200716Fax : +62 21 5258019Email : [email protected] Malaysian citizens can get their entry visa from this Embassy or in Khartoum Air Port upon their arrival. This feature applies only to Malaysian citizens wherever they are. Some airlines give “different” information in this regard and this embassy can not change this. To be at the safe side and avoid any inconvenience with such airlines,

Please get your visa from this embassy if you are intending to travel to Sudan from a country other than Malaysia.
– For business: A Letter from the sponsoring company, stating the purpose of the trip, duration of stay, financial responsibility and references in Sudan.
– Diplomatic notes are required in case of Diplomatic and Official passports.
– No fees are required for Diplomatic and Official passports.Note: Validity of visa is one month.
– Period of stay is one month. Extensions of periods of stay in the Sudan can be done through the Passport, Immigration and Nationality Office in Khartoum.
–  The visa issuance takes (3) working days for the Malaysian citizens and (2) weeks for Non-Malaysian citizens.
– A letter of invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Khartoum is needed to process the request for an application regarding an official visit.
– The issuance of a student visa requires the prior approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
– The student must provide a medical examination certificate that confirms the absence of  AIDS and hepatitis C virus.
– The student must provide his certificates authenticated from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sudan or Malaysia.
Any Consular procedure pertaining to Families requires proof of the Family Relationship (Birth and/or Marriage Certificates).
– Citizens of the European Union are required to provide their fingerprints as part of the procedure.

Passport Renewal Requirements

1. Passport should be renewed every two years for a period not exceeding 10 years.
2. Filled-out application form signed by the applicant.
3. Payment of the national contribution tax according to applicant’s occupation.
4. Fees for students RM53.00. For non-students RM118.00.
5. The procedures take (1) working day. Once the passport arrives from the HQ, the Embassy shall update the follow-up list on its website for collection.

Investment Services

Consider the following:
1. Come by yourself to invest; supervise the project and get consultancies from specialists in investment
2. Do not sell the project, change its activities or sell its equipment until after its completion and operation
3. Always consider reading the investment law and its executive rules and the basis and regulations which organize investment to advance with the investment process and play your role in the country’s economic development
4. Your constant updating of information from the National Investment Council through progress reports on the execution of the project, places you in the category of special projects and extends cooperation between you and the National Investment Council.

Procedural steps for investment transactions:

Application for a new license
   1.Provide 2 copies of the technical and economic feasibility studies
   2.A copy of the company registration and a certificate of establishment if the owner is a specified company
 3.Fill in the form prepared for that purpose after paying an application fee
   4.Pay the application fee
   5.The study is then transferred to the concerned ministry to obtain the technical agreement for establishment of the project
   6.Issue a primary consent to the project
   7.Register a name for the project with the Delegate Commercial Registrar in the National Investment Council
   8.Issue a final license for the project acceding with followed rules
   9.Please submit an agency agreement authorized by a lawyer if the project is to be supervised by someone other than the owner or in the case of companies
Application for Activity Change
Firstly: the conditions
1. the new activity must be an encouraged activity
2. no planning, environmental or health impediment should exist

Second: required documents
1. a copy of the license for the first activity
2. a copy of the business name
3. a valid ownership certificate or rental contract
4. application to the administration

Third: the procedures
1. payment of the application fees
2. the application is transferred to the specialized sector for analysis
3. after the consent is issued a new business name should be registered for the new activity at the Delegate Commercial Registrars department.
4. the license of the new activity is issued after payment of required legal fees

Addition of a production line to an existing project First: the conditions
1. the main line must be readily executed and is working in an acceptable manner
2. the availability of a suitable area for the new line
3. the new should not oppose the old line in any technical or planning manner

Second: required documents
1. a copy of the license granted to the first line
2. a copy of the business name
3. an ownership certificate or rental contract

Third: procedures
1. payment of the application fees
2. obtain approval from the concerned technical party
3. transfer the application  to the concerned sector for examination, issue consent and then transfer the consent to the Commercial Registrar to add a new line to the original business name
4. Issue a license or  decision after payment of the required fees

Transfer of ownership
First: the conditions
1. execution of the project to a reasonable extent not less than 60% of the required structures
2. it is not possible to transfer empty land granted in accordance with the investment encouragement act

Second: required documents
1. submit a valid ownership certificate of the transferred project
2. a copy of the projects license
3. a copy of the business registration
4. a primary concession contract from a recognized legal body
5. an application to the ministry for acceptance of the concession

Third: procedures
1. payment of application fees
2. transfer of the application to the specialized sector for examination
3. a field visit to the project by the monitoring department and preparation of a report explaining the execution of the project
4. the application will be transferred to the ministry’s legal consultant to ascertain the legality of the proceeding
5. consideration of the application in agreement or disagreement; in case of agreement the project is registered with the Delegate Commercial Registrar in the ministry
6. issue a final license to the owner and a new business name

Forming or ending a partnership
As long as the purpose of involving a new partner is fully executing the project then agreement to this will be issued after the following documents are submitted:
1. a copy of the business registration
2. a copy of the license
3. a valid ownership certificate
4. a partnership contract ratified by a legal body
5. an application to the administration requiring the transaction